Why hire a professional freelance grant writer?

Though grant writing isn’t rocket science, it still requires a good deal of skill and know-how to properly identify funding sources and write successful letters of intent and grant proposals. Hiring a grant writer on staff isn’t always a feasible option, especially in today’s economy. And though I’ve known many nonprofit executives who are great grant writers themselves, they’re often juggling so many duties that finding the time to write a grant is nearly impossible.

What happens if you don’t have a grant writer working with you? It’s simple. You are missing out on numerous potential funding sources—funding that could make a real difference for your organization.

I offer a range of services at reasonable rates for organizations that are in need of grant writing assistance, and I’m available to work on one or all stages of the grant funding process.

Grant Writing Services

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Here are some of the grant writing services I offer:

Nonprofit Consultation

Arranging an in-person meeting or a phone conversation is the first step of any grant process. Here is where we’ll be able to identify your organization’s needs and develop a plan of action that will help inform the remainder of the grant writing process.

Even if you prefer to complete the grant process on your own, you may still be in need of some insight as to why you’ve not received funding in the past or how you can improve your proposals to make them more competitive going forward—I also offer nonprofit consultations to help organizations that are interested in this type of assistance.

Grant Prospect Research

Finding the right funding sources for your organization is an important aspect of the grant process; doing so will increase your organization’s chances of securing grants. In some cases, you may be aware of specific grants you want to apply for. In other cases, you’ll be starting from scratch.

When searching for grants for your organization, I heavily research each potential foundation for their requirements and needs to ensure that your agency, and the foundation in question, are a good match.

Letters of Intent/Inquiry

Often foundations and federal grantors will require a letter of intent, or inquiry, prior to your applying for the grant. This letter serves as an introduction to get the communication flowing between your nonprofit organization and any potential funding sources.

Remember that just like a job interview, a strong letter of intent can often be what gets you in the door or not.

Grant Proposal Writing

A grant proposal can range in scope from 5 pages to 30, and the material requirements can at times be just as varied. Writing a grant proposal takes skill and know-how—and meticulous attention to detail. A successful grant narrative will bring your organization’s vision to life on paper within the confines of a grant’s scoring criteria.

I’ll write and submit your foundation proposal or federal grant application, ensuring that it’s highly competitive and thorough, meeting all of the potential grantor’s requirements.

Quarterly and Midterm Reports

After you’ve been awarded a grant, some foundations and federal grantors will require quarterly or midterm reports. Most often these act as a type of progress report, illustrating how the grantor’s funds are being used by your organization.

I can work with you to make sure these reports get completed and submitted on time.


Once the term of your grant has expired, in many cases you’ll have the option to renew it. I’ll help you put together the information needed so that your funding will be renewed.

Proofreading and Editing

Nothing is more disappointing than finding out you’ve lost potential funds because you left out one small but crucial detail, or you had a few spelling errors that your tired eyes didn’t catch. Even if you choose to write your own grants, a second set of eyes is always important.

I can proofread your grant proposals before you submit them and make suggested edits, ensuring that your message is clear and concise and that you’ve followed the grant maker’s instructions.

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